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Preventing and treating drug addiction among children and teenagers in the Baixada Fluminense, near Rio de Janeiro, strengthening their families, emotional relations and social connections, making them agents  of improvement of their community’s quality of life.


Quality of life without drugs.


  • Belief in the potential of transformation of the human being.
  • Respect of the human being in all of its conditions.
  • Unconditional support.
  • Trust in all relationships.
  • Responsibility and transparency in all processes.

Who We Are?

Espaço Progredir is a CSO – Civil Society Organization. This name was chosen by its founders in 2003, wishing to create a space Where children and teenagers could progress (“Progredir”), grow, and become protagonists of their own story. 

I’m grateful to Progredir for making me dream and believe in life. Many thanks to all that are part of this. It’s not even been an year that I’m here, but it already changed my life, thank you for everything. I will always love you.
Fernanda Silva
Hosted child
In the most difficult moments of our lives until now we had the opportunity to honor the friendship created in almost 20 years. The gratefulness comes naturally in my heart. The support in difficult times shows how we are and how we live. I ask God that you may remain in my life until my last day, and afterwards too, since I believe in the eternal life of the spirit.
Music and chess professor

How to Help?

  • With monthly or annual contributions. 
  • With donations of food and pedagogic materials.
  • Sponsoring one of our projects.
  • Volunteering.

Here enters only who wants to leave!

Leave as a responsible citizen | Leave as protagonist of your story | Leave with a better quality of life

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Espaço Progredir
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