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Who We Are:

Espaço Progredir is a CSO – Civil Society Organization. This name was chosen by its founders in 2003, wishing to create a space Where children and teenagers could progress (“Progredir”), grow, and become protagonists of their own story. Its logo has an important meaning, too: it’s a person who leaps from a world without prospects, of suffering and darkness, to a world of light, where they may see their potential and opportunities, since the objective is to stimulate action, the proactivity of the people we assist. It’s them who decide to pass from one world to the other, Espaço Progredir is just a tool enabling this change.

In 2023 we celebrated 20 year of activity.


Espaço Progredir was born from the discomfort of a group of people who were working in another organization assisting adolescents, who, due to drug addictions and involvement with drug trafficking, were unable to adapt and ended up abandoning all the protective actions offered. So, as much as they wanted to stay and change the course of their lives, they ended up returning to the streets and to a situation of personal risk, which often led to their death.

The dream began with the search for more specific work aimed at treating adolescents with this profile of drug abuse, using a variety of methods and tools and thus adapting to the individuality and particularities of each person. Based on this search, the team began to specialize and draw up a social project which, when presented to many friends in Italy, began to come to life and the first partners and funders emerged. And so, on February 20 2003, a meeting was held with 23 people who decided to carry out a day of social work for drug-involved adolescents and their families. And so Espaço Progredir was born, a non-profit organization, located in Miguel Couto, a neighborhood divided between the municipalities of Nova Iguaçu and Belford Roxo, in the Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro.

Later, in 2005, we opened our own headquarters and, as the physical structure was favorable, we also began systematic prevention work based on a diagnosis in the local community, which ended up showing the many problems that families had as a result of drug abuse, especially alcohol. Due to the ease of access to drugs from an early age, many children ended up using illicit drugs, motivating even more this need to add a Prevention Program to the project.

With the growth of the prevention and treatment programs, the need arose for another physical space to separate the programs, and so in 2011, we acquired a building in the center of Nova Iguaçu for the treatment program.

In 2015, due to the economic crisis in which Brazil found itself, and consequently Espaço Progredir as well, it was decided to reunite the two programs at the Miguel Couto headquarters, thus integrating the two work teams and making it possible to enhance the two programs and optimize the work.

The initial team remains the same as the one that founded the institution, but new people have joined as the organization has grown and the work has expanded. These new people are not just professionals who have been hired, but also many volunteers: Brazilians from the community and elsewhere, as well as foreigners and interns from various universities who are looking to learn and gain experience in our field of work.


It is based on 4 pillars:

Solidarity  Offering acts of kindness and understanding towards others, both within and outside of the institution,  to foster the development of good citizenship.

Social Skills Developing social skills, which encompass verbal and non-verbal behaviors that enable individuals to express their desires, opinions and feelings while respecting the rights of others, as well as their own. This helps in resolving or minimizing current and future problems and conflicts.

Joy of Learning Enhancing the learning experience by awakening scientific curiosity and the pleasure of acquiring new knowledge and skills. 

Family – Promoting the psychosocial development of the family system through monitoring, guidance, and referrals.

Espaço Progredir is a non-profit organization located in Nova Iguaçu that offers two programs to children, adolescents, inthe Baixada Fluminense :

Prevention Program:

To provide an educational drug prevention program for children, adolescents, and their families who are in situations of social and personal vulnerability, based on activities that strengthen personal and social skills aiming at a culture of solidarity and community development.


Activities Offered:

  • Educational Workshops;
  • Sports Workshops;
  • Cultural Workshops;
  • Recreational Workshops;
  • Psychological Counseling Groups;
  • Speech Therapy and Psychopedagogical Support;
  • Family Guidance;
  • Family Support and Monitoring.

Treatment Program:

To provide a treatment program that serves adolescents of both genders who have a history of substance abuse or addiction, along with their families, in order to develop a biopsychosocial approach through an intra-day coexistence system.


Activities Offered:

  • Individual Psychological Counseling;
  • Social Counseling;
  • Medical Care;
  • Family Counseling;
  • Recreational, Sports, Cultural, and Spiritual Activities Programs. 

Pedagogical Team:

  • A Coordinator;
  • Two Social Workers;
  • A Child Psychologistl;
  • A Adolescent Psychologist;
  • A Family Psychologist;
  • A Psychopedagogue;
  • A Speech Therapist;
  • A Psychiatrist;
  • A Physical Education Teacher;
  • Three Social Educators;
  • A Drawing Instructor;
  • A Theater Teacher;
  • A Breaking Instructor;
  • A Capoeira Teacher;
  • A Music Teacher;
  • A Chess Teacher;
  • A Community Therapist.

Espaço Progredir
Estrada da Grama, 21 – Miguel Couto – RJ
(21) 99951-7041
PIX: CNPJ 05553848/0001-61